House and gutter wash by Taurus Roofing


Residential or commercial business property a comprehensive wash from the gutters down, including eaves, walls, windows, frames, screens, etc will give a property a facelift without the expense of repainting or renovating and get it looking near new again.


Providing downpipe and roof gutter cleaning for domestic, commercial and industrial plants. Our attention to detail and thoroughness to ensure your gutters are cleaned and to the best possible standards.  We can install preventative measures such as Gutter Guard to reduce vegetation build-up.

While we are already up there, we can complete additional small jobs and repairs straight away saving call outs for further trades:

  • Fix roof leaks and gutter repairs

  • Gutter guard installation

  • Trimming small branches

  • Skylight and solar panel cleaning.


No chemicals and perfect clean.  No chemicals in our water ways which is good news for our flora and fauna leaving our environment in a better state for the future.  Great for food production sites, schools, zoos, etc.

Hot water and steam cleaning degrease and sanitise thermally instead of chemically.  High temperature and pressure will kill hard surface moss, mildew, green algae and bacteria deep where they hide. Steam cleaning is environmentally safe and is an excellent solution for those concerned about allergies or asthma and being exposed to harmful chemicals.  Perfectly suited for commercial businesses such as animal housing, food production facilities or wineries.


The safest least environmentally impactful washing products may be used to assist a wash when other methods are proven ineffective.

Waterblasting by Taurus Roofing


We have the latest water blasting equipment ensuring a very cost effective pressure cleaning solution for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our specialty is to rejuvenate areas such as car parks, concrete slabs, patios and rendered surfaces to bring them back up to near new again. Especially during the wetter seasons, it does not take long for concrete driveways and car parks to become slippery with mould and mildew it can be an unsightly safety hazard as slippery surfaces can lead to falls and injuries.

House Painting by Taurus Roofing

Taurus Roofing offers professional painting solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our team can handle different types of painting requirements from interior to exterior projects helping maintain the visual integrity of home or workplace.


We are committed to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction and first rate assistance from start to finish. 

Contact us for a quote.

Deck Restoration by Taurus Roofing

Our deck restoration services include cleaning, sanding and staining of exterior timber surfaces enhancing and protecting the natural good looks of timber surfaces and will extend the life of decking.  

We use a SOFT WASH water blasting technology using very low water pressure to wash away dirt and grime. This gives the best results in the gentlest way possible without damaging decking materials.



Ask about our Moss treatments. Moss is a common and damaging problem.  If not kept in check whether it is on a deck, roof, driveway or pavement moss can cause expensive damage and be slippery and dangerous to walk on.

Tree Work by Taurus Roofing

Our experienced team offer a range of services to safely remove trees, branches and stumps from properties.

We have equipment to reach even the most awkward areas and we remove the green waste from the work site once the job is completed. 

Services include:

  • Reshaping

  • Tree felling

  • Tree trimming

  • Damaged tree removal

  • Dangerous tree removal

  • Stump Removal

  • Wood chipping